Welcome to Panama

Panama City, Panama 2018
The Best Golf Trip Of Your Life
Wednesday, February 21st through Sunday, February 25th, 2018

InTheLeather.com has been providing legendary golf and fishing experiences in Latin America for many years. Our mission is to provide you with enough memories to last a lifetime. We are proud to boast that 99% of those who participate return again and again.  The other 1% expire from lack of training and discipline.

While it’s almost impossible not to have a good time in Latin America , we know how to make it even better.  Championship golf, world renowned fishing, unbelievable scenery, great camaraderie, fantastic food, plentiful booze,  and a friendly staff all contribute to having the experience of a lifetime.

InTheLeather.com caters to those who like to play golf and/or fish, make a wager or two, and experience the best of Latin America .  We don’t care what your handicap is, as long as you like to have fun.    

This unique adventure is all about making new friends and having more laughs than any other golf event could possibly provide. 

Let us know if you are interested in participating.  We respond to all inquiries.  Just send us an email:  info@intheleather.com  or call Michael Maher @ 800-364-4342 in Texas .

Entry Fee (excluding airfare) $1,650


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